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The lion is dead

The lion of AP, YSR is no more, its very sad that the state lost such a leader. It is a political vacuum in the state now.


Yesterday night while I was standing in my balcony, something inside me said that there will be an earth quake tonight and lo.. there you go

Now - If i say this you will probably think I am bluffing because - 3 days back I said to myself that its gonna rain in couple of days and here they are.

Do you call that coincidence or sixth sense ?

Happy Birthday Balu garu

Wish you a very happy birthday Sri Sripathi Panditharadhyla Balasubramanyam garu. Please continue to entertain us with your soulful voice.

retail e-Waste

Companies which take back their retail e-Waste

'Take back', takes off
'E' waste, or discarded computers, mobiles, TVs, equals
'E' - environmental - disaster. Here's what you can do........Gargi Gupta

What do you do with a 'dead' phone? Give it to the maid or driver, or exchange it to get a few hundreds off on a new one? Here's another option - give it back to the company, which will recycle it in an eco-friendly way. You may not get anything for it, but there is the satisfaction of knowing that you've done your bit for the environment.
This is important because mobile phones contain toxic chemicals like lead, cadmium, mercury, etc and if burnt in an incinerator or dumped in a landfill - which is what generally happens - pollute the air and soil. Anyway, electronic waste - discarded computers and peripherals, TVs, mobile phones - will become a huge problem in the days to come. 'Take back' schemes have been around for some years now, especially in the Europe Union which has stringent laws. But it's now beginning to take off in India, albeit in a small way, with mobile phones and computers. Here're a few companies that offer 'take back' and how to reach them.

Launched a full scale 'take back' policy in India in January this year
n A network of 1,300 recycle bins located at priority dealers and customer care centres where you can drop phones, batteries, hands-frees, etc of Nokia and other brands. Just SMS 'green' to 55555 to find the nearest bin. Nokia also undertakes to plant a tree for every handset it gets. Plus, you get a Nokia mug with green messages.

Has had a 'take back' policy for mobile phones since September last year. But it's a well kept secret - the only communication from the company are notices in its 28 collection centres across India.
n Samsung India is considering extending the policy to TVs, ACs, fridges.

Launched 'take back' of its mobile phones two months ago, with a network of 50 collection bins at service centres and branch offices. Pamphlets inside new handsets tell buyers about where to go but existing users will have to wait for the new LG India website, or troop down to a branch office to know where to find the bins.

Has had a 'take back' policy for Wipro branded products for some years now
n Customers can drop their stuff at 17 collection centres across the country. The Wipro website also gives names, addresses, email ids and phone numbers of whom to contact. But it's not entirely free. Customer are required to pay Rs 5-7 per kg "towards freight and logistics" - which works out to Rs 150-170 for a typical computer.

Has had a 'take back' policy in India for Dell products since 2006. It's free for individual consumers and Dell has the old computers picked up from your house. Anyone who wants to make use of it must write to the company

Has had a recycling programme for end-of-life Lenovo and IBM PCs, etc since September 2007 - but they haven't got back a single computer. Phone numbers and email ids are on the company website. The service is free and machines are picked up from users' homes.

Has had a 'take back' policy since 2007 for its own products to individuals; for companies there are "upgradation and replacement options".

The HCL Infosystems website gives directions to its EcoSafe helpdesk with phone numbers and an email id, ewaste.safe@hcl.in. Plus, there are addresses of 11 collection centres across India where consumers can drop discarded machines. It's free but consumers must bear the transportation costs.

Has recently started a pilot project in India, in line with such programmes in Europe. Damaged, end-of-life Philips products can be dropped off at 27 authorised service centres in eight cities across India, the details of which are on the Philips India website.

URL: http://www.hindustantimes.com/StoryPage/StoryPage.aspx?sectionName=RSSFeed-Business&id=fd8f072e-219b-457a-8406-d9e5ed9996cb&Headline=%e2%80%98Take+back%e2%80%99%2c+takes+off

Thought provoking videos before elections

Some videos released by Loksatta party on common concerns and issues.

Health - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XXi_fqzKQ7M
Reservations - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=m2PLEdicEFw
Youth -  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=U7ocQecc6pY
Agriculture -  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8ePS27eVxmg

They are in Telugu.


AR Rehman and Chitra

AR Rehman you are a Genius!.
Chitra you are a Genius!.

That makes it two thank you for Kanna moochi.

Welcome Summer

Message from facilities team in my office just a while ago!

-APCPDCL,HYDERABAD had announced  a POWER CUT for Madhapur, Hyderabad from 06.00 AM to 12.00 PM on ALL DAYS, until further notice.
-During this period, all our offices in Hyderabad will run on Diesel Generators.
-All Communications, Data  Rooms, Servers, and UPS will run normally.
-In view of this power cuts, you will experience variations in the room temperature being maintained.
-In public areas like GYM & CAFETERIA - air conditioning provision will be restricted.
- As energy production levels have come down and unable to reach capacities, Government had made this power cuts mandatory, till further notice.
-We have taken up with concerned Officials on this to shift this power cut timings to 06.00 pm instead of 06.00 am, and they are yet to revert to us.
- We shall keep you posted on the developments on this power cuts, if any.
- Kindly forward this to all concerned as appropriate.

Please  bear with us and thanks for your continued support  & cooperation in this regard.


Successful sojourn

I took the following "Vrat" last week - Glad that it completed successfully - without any hassles. So will be back to
work as usual from tomorrow


I will have to work from home from tomorrow 4th March until 9th March and should be back
to working from office from 10th March. I have to prove to my wife my multi tasking skills, viz.,
take care of the cooking, feeding the kids, making Abhinav do his home work, take care of laundry
along with the office related work - while she is away. Amen!.

I hope BSNL and APCPDCL help me during this period.

You can reach my mobile if you miss my voice - or I am available on OIC or AIM.


Prayer of the forest

Found this in the Lotus Pond, Banjara Hills.